Tuesday, May 24, 2011

9 Things to Consider Before You Get Back With an Ex

62 % of lovers would consider going back to an ex,regardless of the skeletons hiding in thier closet. the percentage of those who actually go through with it and succeed is quite a bit less. However, where there's a chance,there will always those who are willing to make that leap of faith. Before u make room for your ex's cemetery to fir back in your closet and head over to make amends, there are a few things that you should consider 1st.
1. one of the most dangerous reasons to go back o an ex is put of loneliness. these feelings could be brought on by low self esteem, another breakup, or just looking for some convenient companioship.we all lonely from time to time,so dont let this vulnerability lead you to a mistake.
2. Some people make the mistake of going bback to an ex after a short period of time. If you want to make a go of it, put some time in between your relationship,so that you can accept being single as an altenative to a bad relationship.Part of the processs of a breakup is the tendency to beat yourself up over making terrible mistakes,n wish u could try again. Only after fully accepting being apart should a couple look at giving a second chance.
3. u may feel like you've enough time and healing , but can u say u forgive ur ex for everything that has happend. If u can't completely forgive them,u won't be able to start over with an open heart.
4.if u jump into a relationship with an ex, things may seem better for a couple of weeks, until old habits fall back into place. Then you'll just find yourself right back where u left off. There were reasons it did't work the 1st time, so u need to find new ways of doing things, otherwise, you;re wasting your efforts.
1st love
5. youthful sweetherats (before age 22) are often considered very special people throughtout our lives.Over 60% of people look back on thier 1st boyfriend/girlfriend with fond memories. many psychologist give the thumbs up to give an old flame from high school or college another try.Often,these did not work out due to immaturity,timing, orr parent dis approval , and a second or third attempt might be the charm.
young love
6. young love , in general is a very magical memory for some people. It represents a time when we were less cautious, more trusting, and more open to sharing our feelings. When we recoup a love affair from the past, memories of these youthful feelings can blind us from obious red flags,so it's important to hold onto our adult sensibilities. 80% of married men and women who seek out a sweetheart from their youth,end up having an affair,egged on by fantasy rather than logic.
past failure,future success
7. in some case, the mistake's couples make that lead to a breakup or divoece, are the vary same things that seep trouble into the rest of their lives, including their career and self image.it is through these very failures that people can sometimes overcome immaturity and inadequacy, and grow to become better mates.
8. there's a lot of talk about just getting out of a bad relationship, and then jumping into a new one soon after. This is considered to be a rebound, and can be unhealty when u are trying ato find closure to a previous hurt. According to a new study , however, the benefit of achieving a newfound relationship (rebound or not) can offer an optimistic outlook on dating that can break the pattern of going back to an ex repeatedly. Just be careful not to hurt ur rebounding partner in the process.
9. some lovers may confuse feelings of frienship with desiring to try again with an ex. According to research. many former partners who began as friends , can resume back to theis old relationship oncec a romancce has run its course. some couples are better left as friends, so make sure you have your feelings sorted out before rekindling something you shouldn't.
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

guna perfume boleh dapat kanser???

Perfume mmg salah satu aset yg menjadi pelengkap untuk setiap orang.. macammana pun dalam kita dok asyik hmmmm best nya bau dia (menikmati ) kita tak tau yg bau wangi ni terhasil lebih bahaya darii asap rokok....
menurut MICHELLE SCHOFFRO COOK ,dia sorang ahli gizi holistik n naturopati, terdapat lelbih 500 bahan kimia yg bahaya dgunakan utk buat wangian nie...ha bahan kimia tu termasuk lah karsinogen n neurotoksin yg mampu menyebabkan KANSER, bagi ROSAK PEMBULUH DARAH n SARAF OTAK...
so awas perfume amat bahaya dari asap rokok tau..ingat..
nanti busuk lah kita yer...huhuhu

Saturday, May 14, 2011

masih ada yg view dalam blog aku...

aku tengok nuff aku...alhamdulillah blog aku walau dah lama menyepi tapi masih yg view...yg bestnya lebih dari masa aku tgh aktif dulu...banyak gak la yg tolong view...hiks tq tq....
sila lah view lagi ..hehehe d kelapangan t aku view blog koranng plak yer...

ops ...aku dah klik to cashout..

hehehehe aku dah cashout duit dari nuff...aku taktau napa aku buat macam tu sebenarnya aku niat aku nak menyimpan supaya bertambah n bertambah...tapi tetiba tadi tangan aku gatai plak p cashout...huhuhuhuhu
terasa sedih plak...ni 1st time aku nak cashout duit dari nuff ni...
tapi tak pa...ada masa g kan...huhuhu kot...sebab aku pon jarang dah nak berblog...
sebab anak aku dah besar dia dah boleh jalan n pandai mengomel pot pet pot pet dah....
dah jarang tido siang asyik nak main jer...dia rasa rugi tido siang kot...
jadi aku pon jarang lah berblog...kalo malam tu ja kot aku ada time...tapi tak kata gak...sebab malam aku dah pancit....so tidooooo ler...kalo aku rajin n ader

Thursday, May 12, 2011

adoi sedap nya korek....

adoi sedapnya korek telinga....sampai syurrrrr mata...hehehehe
alah sekali sekala korek...bukan nya boleh nak korek salu2 sangat ..
tau ka pasai pa kita tak boleh korek salu..
sebab kita tak payah terlalu rajin o terlampau bersih...sebab
1>> rerambut halus didalam telinga kita tu adalah pekerja2 yg dah dpertgjawab kan untuk mencuci keluar segala kotoran dalam telinga kita tu...thats why kekadang kita dapat tengok ada sisa2 kekuningan kat luar pemukaan lubang telinga kita...
ha nak bagitau yg kuning2 lendir kat telinga kita tu bukan tahi kita ja memanddai kata tahi telinga n perlu dcuci...sebenarnya bukan dia tu di pangil lilin telinga...
2>> jangan telampau rajin dok cuci ...lagi kita korek dgn cotton bud g dalam lilin telinga tu masuk g kurang lah pendengaran kita t...sebabnya dia akan sampai n bertempet kat gegendang dan menghalang pedengaran kita..
sedap mmg sedap korek tambah2 g bila tengah gatai nampak plak cotton bud hah apa lagi korek la....uhhhh syurrrr.. sambil terpejam klip pop klip pop mata ku...
euwwww hehehehe jangan mare..


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